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Variable Data Printing

It used to be that you would “broadcast” the same message to all recipients, often with a promotion or offer that wasn't relevant to all. Your cost per piece would be lower, but your cost per response would be higher.

Now, you can use one-to-one marketing and targeted mailing lists to deliver very specific messages to very specific recipients, getting the right promotion or offer to the right recipient. Increase efficiency and eliminate waste. It will increase the response rate, resulting in an increase in the return on investment.

Digital printing technology is changing the game. Every individual piece can now be heavily customized based on what you know about the recipient. If it’s in the data, it can be used to make your mailings more relevant which will lead to improved results.

You might be wondering what parts of your marketing piece can be variable? EVERYTHING! From one word, to the entire piece, images, colors, branding, and offers; everything can be variable.

LKCS can create campaigns based on recipient’s age, gender, lifestyle, location, economic stability, and any other parameters that either you have in your database or we can obtain from our data sources. Make an offer to someone you know will need and use your product, instead of blanketing prospects with a marketing piece hoping they are the right fit for your product.

LKCS improves the relevance of your marketing campaigns. LKCS, We Do That.