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Marketing Automation

Nurture leads and build revenue with a marketing automation platform that makes your job smarter, not harder.

LKCS’ marketing automation platform is like having an extra person on staff to take care of repetitive tasks that can improve your customer experience and increase new accounts and revenue.

In just a few clicks, you can set up automated campaigns to deliver highly personalized messages to connect with your target audience at the right time. This results in improved relationships, an increase in qualified leads, and a much higher marketing ROI.

Reach & Engage: Grow your audience with precise targeting and messaging delivered at the right time.

Nurture & Educate: Strengthen relationships by sending content that is relevant to your audience and continue their journey towards conversion.

Convert & Close: Encourage active audiences to take the next step with well-timed calls to action.

Support & Grow: Grow confidence in your financial institution and additional sales with existing customers by addressing their needs at the right time.

Automation Made Easy

LKCS’ Marketing Automation platform makes it easy to set up and maintain your automations.

E-Mail Segmentation

Tags, custom fields, and data collection all enable you to customize your messaging based on product and service relationships, dates, geographic location, and level of engagement.

Swap out sections of text or images in your emails so that each contact sees exactly what they are interested in.

Follow up with people who click on links in your emails or those who don’t.

Site Tracking

Trigger emails, Facebook ads, or text messages when visitors visit key web pages (or a certain number of pages) on the site.

Event Tracking

Send communications any time after a form is submitted, a visitor watches a video, or downloads a PDF. Wait an hour or a day.

Lead Scoring

Each visitor is different. So let them define their journey. Trigger follow ups based on thresholds of total e-mail and website activity.

Goal Tracking

Accurately track the number of contacts that complete the goals you define and the percentage that convert. Target those who’ve achieved a goal, and those who haven’t. Then notify your team or automatically follow up.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Does this sound like the extra help you need? Schedule a demo to get an overview of how marketing automation can help you reach your marketing goals.

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