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LKCS was founded in 1961 That's over 60 years serving our customers
Our founder, Norb Dudek was 28 years old with 4 kids when he got laid off from the Bakelite plastic factory for the third time in one year. Instead of going on unemployment he started Letterkraft Printers (LK) with a credit union loan of $1,500 from Bakelite Credit Union.
Norb, backed by his wife Betty, harnessed his entrepreneurial spirit and pursued his true passion of running his own business. Letterkraft Printers (LK), was one of the first true offset printing companies in Central Illinois.

Norb then began doing some printing for the credit union that gave him his start.

(We continue to work with them today!)

He served them well, and that credit union quickly introduced him to another.

And another. And another...

It didn't take long for Norb to find a niche among these small financial institutions that were growing the same way he was:

By Providing:


The Best Service

High Quality

Fast Turn-Around

Fair Pricing

Within a few years of inception, Norb founded Creative Services (CS) to be his direct mail and statement processing division.

This separated us from other printers that didn’t focus on serving the needs of financial institutions.

As our customer base grew LKCS saw continued growth and success under Norb’s tutelage, outgrowing three different facilities before ownership was passed to Norb’s four children in 1994.

They moved the company into this custom 57,000 sq. foot facility.

The story continues... LKCS provides a complete array of omni-channel marketing services for financial institutions and other clients nationwide.

LKCS remains on the forefront of technology, constantly introducing new solutions to give our clients the tools they need to succeed.

LKCS We do that.