Campaign Development Services - LKCS

Campaign Development

Coming up with ideas on how to promote products and services is just a small part of the puzzle. LKCS can help in creating these ideas. This is the fun part of our job; we have been doing it for over five decades for hundreds of financial institutions…..but there is much more!

Once the idea and concept is put together, then the hard part begins. Who, when, how, and where do you promote? LKCS can help you target the customers and prospects you need to reach to be successful. We also help with targeted lists to contact the people you need to get in front of.

When Do You Promote Your Products and Services?

Certain seasons and times can be better than others for specific products but extended exposure is going to produce the best response rates. Three to six months works best when running a successful campaign.

How Do You Reach Them All?

The how and where of promoting work hand in hand. In order to reach as many potential prospects for your services as possible, many avenues need to be explored. All your customers have different ways they want to be reached and it takes 5 to 7 touches or contacts to make them take action with your products.

Tools To Reach Your Customers:

Below are the most frequently used tools in a successful campaign:

A variety of these media will be needed to run a successful campaign. Not all of them have to be used, but a coordinated effort across multiple channels is required to have a winning promotional program. LKCS can help you develop your campaign and select appropriate media.