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Statement Design

Design matters. Improve communication and understanding by redesigning your statements and e-statements.

Data processing systems were designed to process data. You put data in, and get data out. Unfortunately – programmers aren’t typically concerned with design or marketing. So, yes, your data processing system may generate a statement, but that doesn’t mean the programmers spent much time making the statement design attractive or easy to read.

That’s where LKCS comes in.

LKCS can improve your paper statements and e-statements. Simply send us your statement file from any data processing system and we can add our magic. Here are some of the custom statement design options that are available to you:

Edit Account Headings


Are different account types clearly differentiated from each other on your current statements? They can be. LKCS can add account headings to each account within the statement. Different fonts, boxes, shading, and other techniques can all be incorporated to make your statement's design easier to read and understand.

Choose Custom Fonts


Font changes make your statements easier on the eyes. Your statements don't have to look like computer code, let LKCS change the font. We can even apply bold and italic styles to call attention to certain areas of the statement design.

Account Renaming


Forget the awkward abbreviations and code numbers. "ID 15 CHKG" becomes Primary Checking Account on the statement. "SUFFIX: 04 HOME EQUIL" becomes Home Equity Loan. Your account holder will appreciate your attention to detail.

Column Arrangement


Just because the data comes out of your core processing system in a certain order, doesn't mean it needs to stay that way. LKCS can rearrange the data, making your statement easier to understand and reconcile. For example, consider placing transaction amounts and running balances immediately next to the date, sliding the description to the right.

Summary Tables


Pages of numbers are hard for many people to follow. Whether they are included in your data or not, LKCS can build summaries into your statements design. Add a check reconciliation section that only lists check numbers and amounts. Include a summary of beginning balances, ending balances, and interest for each account listed on the statement.



LKCS can design your documents in full color for print and/or web display. Easily draw the recipient’s eye to key details or areas of their statement. Reinforce your brand by incorporating your color scheme throughout your statements and notices.

Statement Marketing


Place targeted, relevant onserts and marketing messages directly on your statements and e-statements.

Omnichannel Experience


We embrace the drive to digital documents. Which is why our e-statement platform is the best around.

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Here's What Our Clients Have to Say:

  • iron mountain-kingsford community federal credit union

    Thea Fradette | Marketing Director

    "As a new Marketing Director, the last thing I wanted to feel was lost. When I found out that Steve Piano would be my representative and I'd be working with LKCS, my fears vanished. From the get-go, Steve and the team at LKCS have been nothing but friendly, professional, and thorough. Thanks to their team, our members are provided with accurate, timely, and professional statements, and all my marketing materials look great!"
  • Streator Community Credit Union. Where Members Become Our Family.

    Betsy Rhynes | President

    “Streator Community Credit Union” has used LKCS statement services for a number of years. We are always pleased with their service and enjoy working with them on a personal basis as well. I don’t know where you could get better service and we plan on continuing our partnership with LKCS for many years to come!”
  • four points fcu

    Jared Schneider | Systems Administrator

    “LKCS worked with our existing vendor to make sure that all of the correct steps were taken during our conversion. The process was smooth and our members love the look of our new statements!”
  • emerald cu

    Christie Golenski | Marketing Manager

    "I couldn’t be happier with the statement services provided by LKCS. The reps are all friendly, knowledgeable, and easy to work with. The statement design matches my credit union’s color branding, and there are virtually limitless onsert options available to help promote our products and services. I would recommend LKCS to any credit union looking for a new statement provider. "
  • wyrope-williamsport-fcu

    Kristin Thomas | CEO/ President

    "As a new CEO, not only was I going through my first-ever bi-annual member account verification audit with my statements, but it was also our first time using LKCS to do so. I couldn’t have been happier with the process! My reps assisted me through every necessary step, from onsert wording to envelope style and return address… they know every detail and have it covered! Not only that, but they prepared plenty of time ahead so I could rest easy knowing it was taken care of! And just like with every other service, they are easy, friendly, and attentive. Thanks, LKCS!"
  • Liberty One Credit Union

    Kim Purintun | Vice President of Executive Operations

    "Switching to LKCS was the best move we ever made. They made everything so easy and offer so much more than I excepted. They have taken our statements to the next level."

  • earthmover cu

    Janel Cabadas | Vice President of Marketing & Business Development

    "We've had the pleasure of working with LKCS for many different services including statement services. LKCS delivers remarkable personalized service month after month. The quality of all of LKCS’ services is commendable and makes working with LKCS feel like a true extension of our credit union. We genuinely feel like they are a true partner in the operation of our daily business."
  • lennox employees credit union

    Carl F. Mundth | President/CEO

    "Since the time we went with LKCS color statements, we have had much greater member involvement. This involvement has helped our members to understand their accounts and the credit union itself. I would highly recommend LKCS color statements. They will help your credit union grow and compete on a more professional level now and into the future. The folks at LKCS are always willing to lend a hand with anything they can to help our credit union be at its best."
  • health care cu

    Derek Groth | President/CEO

    "LKCS was able to streamline our statement processing for us. Being a smaller Credit Union, it takes a great deal of work off of our plate. They are fast and easy to work with. They are able to answer any questions we have. Our statements look great and our members love the customized layout. I would recommend them to anyone."
  • Kate Mason | Director of Marketing

    "LKCS has been my top vendor relationship throughout my career at the Credit Union. Product quality is always excellent and the service is fast and courteous."