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Statement Design

Data processing systems were designed to process data. Put data in and get data out. Unfortunately – programmers typically aren’t concerned with design or marketing. So, your data processing system may generate a statement – but the programmers didn’t spend much time making that statement attractive and easy to read. And, they didn’t incorporate advanced marketing techniques directly into the statement.

That’s where LKCS comes in

Simply send us your statement file from any data processing system and we can add our magic. Here are some of the options that are available to you:

Statement Reformatting

Account Headings

Are different account types clearly differentiated from each other on your current statements? They can be. LKCS can add account headings to each account within the statement. Different fonts, boxes, shading and other techniques can all be incorporated to make your statements easier to read and understand.


Font changes make your statements easier on the eyes. Your statements don’t need to look like computer code, let LKCS change the font. We can even apply bold and italic styles to call attention to certain areas of the statement.

Account Renaming

Forget the awkward abbreviations and code numbers. “ID 15 CHKG” becomes Primary Checking Account on the statement. “SUFFIX: 04 HOME EQUIL” becomes Home Equity Loan. Your account holder will appreciate your attention to detail.

Column Arrangement

Just because the data comes out of your core processing system in a certain order, doesn’t mean it needs to stay that way. LKCS can rearrange the data, making your statement easier to understand and reconcile. For example, consider placing transaction amounts and running balances immediately next to the date, sliding the description to the right.

Summary Tables

Pages of numbers are hard for many people to follow. Whether they are included in your data or not, LKCS can build summaries into your statements. Add a check reconciliation section that only lists check numbers and amounts. Include a summary of beginning balances, ending balances and interest for each account listed on the statement.

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