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Credit Alerting

Identify account holders that apply for credit outside your institution and capture those loans for yourself.

Today’s consumers have a wealth of lending options – even from non-traditional borrowers. Car dealers, mortgage companies, retail financing, and fintech companies are all contending with your traditional bank and credit union competitors. Credit Alerting gives you the ability to close loans that are defecting to your competition by alerting you in near real-time when an account holder applies for credit.

  1. Save time by focusing on prospects who meet your lending guidelines.
  2. Automate marketing by having LKCS send direct mail and email to loan prospects the same day each opportunity is identified.
  3. Reduce spending by only using marketing dollars on those who need your products.
  4. Increase response with personalized offers based on each recipient’s credit traits.

LKCS will provide a FREE analysis of your account holders’ borrowing activity over the past 30 days:

  • Total borrowing activity by loan type
  • Breakdown by location and credit bureau
  • Qualification rates based on your credit and payment history criteria

Keep your client relationships in-house, grow wallet share and reduce attrition by identifying which of your account holders has applied for credit outside your institution with Credit Alerting.

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Here's What Our Clients Have to Say:

  • select employees cu

    Suzie Branch | CEO

    "Any time we come up with a new marketing idea, the team at LKCS always provides fantastic ideas on how to make it better. They are always doing whatever it takes to make your credit union look its best! And their enthusiasm for what they do is incredible! I love working with LKCS!"
  • barcons fcu

    Gretchen Seeley | Business Development Specialist

    "Steve and his entire team at LKCS are extremely knowledgeable, friendly and answer all our questions and concerns in a timely manner. LKCS is awesome to work with and they do excellent work for Bar-cons FCU. When it comes to all the services they provide us, Bar-cons has been nothing but pleased."
  • farmers bank

    Lisa Ferguson | Director of Marketing

    We cannot speak highly enough of LKCS SEO. They have been a fantastic asset to our online marketing strategy for over two years now. They do an exceptional job in working with our website and increasing our ranking. They brief us on the status and provide reporting of our website on a regular basis. I have been dealing personally with Jessica who has been very supportive and helpful with any concerns I may have. LKCS has transformed our online visibility quicker than we expected at a very reasonable cost – a great return on investment.
  • winnebago community cu

    Dana Racine | Vice President of Marketing

    "I recently switched employers and with my new marketing position came working with LKCS. I was relieved to find out they not only provide support, but helped to build many of the core marketing pieces. One thing I like is their customer service to respond to various issues promptly. I would recommend LKCS to people who are looking for a true marketing partner, not just a vendor."