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Direct Mail

Take advantage of unparalleled targeting to deliver your message to an uncluttered mailbox.

Consumers are hit with hundreds of advertising messages on any given day. Email spam has become abusive – print remains a trusted medium, and is even preferred by Generation Z!

A unique, personalized message can break through, grab your prospect’s attention and compel them to act.

LKCS can help you:

  • Build a direct mail campaign personalized for your prospects.
  • Obtain an accurate mailing list that targets the right individuals.
  • Analyze existing relationships, balances, and demographics to cross-sell to current account holders.
  • Print and mail your promotion directly to your prospects.

So you can:

  • Open new accounts
  • Build relationships
  • Increase brand recognition
  • Reduce costs

LKCS offers complete in-house direct mail capabilities.

And be sure to supercharge your next direct mail campaign with LKCS’ Campaign Suite.

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