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Campaign Suite

Combine direct mail with digital advertising and campaign tracking tools to improve conversion rates.

Direct mail isn’t dead. In fact, it is more effective than ever before. LKCS has further improved direct mail to integrate Google and Facebook to provide superior tracking and results.

How it works

Step 1: Direct mail pieces are sent to your target market.

Step 2: Mail piece delivery is tracked using Intelligent Mail barcode technology.

Step 3: USPS Informed Delivery and email ads.

Step 4: Ads follow recipients around Google.

Step 5: Facebook and Instagram ads follow recipients.

Step 6: Phone call tracking and reporting.

Step 7: Send new mail pieces to previously anonymous website visitors.

Campaign Suite includes all of these features in one package:

Here’s Why Clients Love Campaign Suite:

  • Effective Combining the unsurpassed targeting capabilities of direct mail with the popularity of digital advertising and complete campaign tracking result in much higher response and conversion rates.
  • Measurable Unique phone numbers and web code are added to track calls and website visits to see how your campaign is working so you can continually improve marketing and sales efforts. All campaign activity and results are visible in an online dashboard.
  • Automated Ads are displayed throughout the Google and Facebook ad networks to bring prospects back to your website.
  • Affordable At just pennies per piece, Campaign Suite easily pays for itself.

Extend the relevance and automate the follow-up of your direct mail campaigns with LKCS’ Campaign Suite. Try it once and you’ll never want to send another direct mail campaign without it!

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Here's What Our Clients Have to Say:

  • earthmover-cu

    Janel Cabadas | Vice President of Marketing & Business Development

    "We've had the pleasure of working with LKCS for many different services including statement services. LKCS delivers remarkable personalized service month after month. The quality of all of LKCS’ services is commendable and makes working with LKCS feel like a true extension of our credit union. We genuinely feel like they are a true partner in the operation of our daily business."
  • four-points-fcu

    Jared Schneider | Systems Administrator

    “LKCS worked with our existing vendor to make sure that all of the correct steps were taken during our conversion. The process was smooth and our members love the look of our new statements!”
  • houston-metropolitan-fcu

    Joel Cardona | Marketing Manager

    "We recently implemented the Tool Suite and it has saved us a lot of time. We can process contact forms much more quickly and direct them to the specific person who needs them. The ability to add quick, visible, but unobtrusive announcements has been great too! They’re so easy to add and schedule. We love it!"
  • commonwealth-cu

    Kevin Hill | Marketing Coordinator

    "The best thing about LKCS’ tools is how fast I can make updates to our site. It’s instant. I can upload a new banner, click refresh, and boom it’s live for the world to see. There is no waiting involved. And, we can do this and more without formal training on website design or programming. It is very user-friendly and makes keeping our website fresh and up-to-date very easy.”
  • iron-mountain

    Thea Fradette | Marketing Director

    "As a new Marketing Director, the last thing I wanted to feel was lost. When I found out that Steve Piano would be my representative and I'd be working with LKCS, my fears vanished. From the get-go, Steve and the team at LKCS have been nothing but friendly, professional, and thorough. Thanks to their team, our members are provided with accurate, timely, and professional statements, and all my marketing materials look great!"
  • select-employees-cu

    Suzie Branch | CEO

    "Any time we come up with a new marketing idea, the team at LKCS always provides fantastic ideas on how to make it better. They are always doing whatever it takes to make your credit union look its best! And their enthusiasm for what they do is incredible! I love working with LKCS!"
  • avestar

    Denise Frazier | Member Service Representative

    Always quick to respond if I have a question and very easy to work with.
  • farmers-national-bank

    Megan Thompson | Vice President

    "The LKCS tool suite makes it very easy to update our website. We mainly use it to change our rates, banners, and ads, and with a few clicks we’re usually done. It is the perfect solution for us, and helps us to make our changes timely and efficiently."
  • barcons-fcu

    Gretchen Seeley | Business Development Specialist

    "Steve and his entire team at LKCS are extremely knowledgeable, friendly and answer all our questions and concerns in a timely manner. LKCS is awesome to work with and they do excellent work for Bar-cons FCU. When it comes to all the services they provide us, Bar-cons has been nothing but pleased."
  • first-trust-bank

    Jennifer Voss | Assistant Vice President

    The customer service provided by LKCS and team is refreshing!  It's hard to find vendors that are so accommodating and helpful!
  • ECU Credit Union

    Joanne Yoder | Member Services Representative / Marketing

    "ECU Credit Union has been using LKCS statement services for many years. They have always provided great service, very responsive and professional. We look forward to working with LKCS for many years to come."
  • bayou

    Melissa Mallet | CEO

    I have always had a great experience with the way that the LKCS staff has handled our account.  I really like our website and the ease and convenience of being able to set up our own banners.
  • ardent

    Diane Childs | Vice President, Marketing

    Great customer service. LKCS is always there to answer a question...and they have provided numerous services that help us greatly.  Fair pricing and attention to detail.
  • ria

    Christine Martinez | Core System Manager

    Staff is always kind, ready to listen and help out when needed.Turn around time on statement process has gotten our members spoiled!  :)
  • eastman

    Lori Fogleman | Marketing Specialist

    Excellent customer service....quick response...take changes in stride and always put the customer first!  Love LKCS and their team!
  • north-central-bank

    Kim McKee | Vice President/COO

    “We absolutely love LKCS’ tool suite! We’re not web designers, we’re bankers. We needed a solution to help us easily manage our rates, banner ads, and other key areas of our website. The tool suite is easy to use and understand, and we appreciate just how much control it has given us over our website.”
  • winnebago-ccu

    Dana Racine | Vice President of Marketing

    "I recently switched employers and with my new marketing position came working with LKCS. I was relieved to find out they not only provide support, but helped to build many of the core marketing pieces. One thing I like is their customer service to respond to various issues promptly. I would recommend LKCS to people who are looking for a true marketing partner, not just a vendor."
  • alloya

    Kara Yerke | Image and Brand Architect

    Always can depend on LKCS to look out for us - you double check our work before you run a job and are always quick to provide solutions to various issue/ideas that we have.
  • lennox-employees-fcu

    Carl F. Mundth | President/CEO

    "Since the time we went with LKCS color statements, we have had much greater member involvement. This involvement has helped our members to understand their accounts and the credit union itself. I would highly recommend LKCS color statements. They will help your credit union grow and compete on a more professional level now and into the future. The folks at LKCS are always willing to lend a hand with anything they can to help our credit union be at its best."
  • ria

    Jason Herington | Network Systems Manager

    Consistent performance, excellent product selection, great staff!