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Transpromo Statement Marketing

One of the ways that your financial institution regularly communicates with all of your account holders is through account statements. Most will open and read their statements. This is a very powerful marketing tool many financial institutions don’t utilize to the fullest extent. Take advantage of your account statements, the postage is already paid for!

Transpromo document printing combines the printing of monthly statements and marketing into one process. Use it to print ads or Onserts directly on your statements. According to a survey performed by the United States Postal Service, 95% of people will read their monthly statement at least once, spending an average of 3 minutes reviewing the statement. Furthermore, 64% of respondents to a recent survey by Zoomerang and InfoPrint said they would use personalized coupons if printed onto monthly bills and statements (with nearly half responding that these would encourage brand loyalty). Onserts (ads) printed directly on your statements will get read.

Our traditional statement printing/mailing services and our electronic statement solution extend your institutions marketing options. Here are just some of the marketing options that LKCS offers:


Statement Preprints

LKCS understands the importance of your brand. That’s why our statement solutions provide the opportunity to include your logo, corporate colors and branding standards. Your statement data can be printed on statement preprints that support your identity. Or, for a small savings, we can print your statements on plain white paper – whichever you prefer.

Statement Ads (Optional)

We can also go further. Rather than simple text messages, LKCS can incorporate graphical ads into reformatted statements. Attract attention to your marketing campaigns with photos, artwork, unique fonts, and more. Ads can be printed on all account statements, only on account statements where they fit without requiring additional pages, or on account statements that meet specific relationship or balance requirements. These statement ads can be just about any size from small ads in the upper corner to ads that span the width of the page – even full-page ads are possible.

Statement Reformatting

LKCS has the ability to reformat your statement data into just about any format or layout that you desire. We can make your statement more legible and easy for your account holders to understand. And, we can do this without exorbitant fees or charges. Your statement is no longer limited to the design capabilities of your data processing software.

Personalized Statement Ads/Onserts (Optional)

Statement ads, also known as onserts can be even more dynamic. LKCS can personalize these ads for each recipient. Add their name or any other information included with the statement data or supplementary data file. Be imaginative – say happy birthday or welcome a new account holder. Even include a personalized cover letter with your statements.

Envelope Messaging

Your statements are mailed in custom-printed single window envelopes. And, LKCS can go beyond simply printing your logo and return address by printing short teaser messages on the front of your envelopes.

Envelope Backprinting

Do you ever open an envelope without looking at the back of it? Try it. It sounds simple, but the back of your statement envelope is a tremendous place to print an advertisement. And LKCS makes it easy. Choose from new stock designs created each quarter or have LKCS custom design and print a backer ad for you.

Selective Inserting

Take advantage of the "free postage" opportunity to include statement stuffers and newsletters with your statements. LKCS enables you to take inserts one-step further. Now, you can target which of your account holders receive specific statement stuffers based on account relationships, balances, demographic attributes and more. Transform your statements into one-to-one marketing pieces.

See for Yourself

Try our Statement Marketing Simulator to see how easy it can be to target market with your statements. 

Database Marketing Made Easy

LKCS also offers our DataFlex Document Solutions. Use this software to assist you in target marketing to account holders. This data can then be used to trigger targeted ads to print on your statements.