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Mailing Lists and Data Solutions

Reach the right people by utilizing the highest quality, targeted data sources.

A creative campaign with an intriguing offer, sent to the wrong people, will not generate many conversions. But, LKCS can help you reach the right people by utilizing the right data.

  • Consumer Data
    • Reach consumers at their home addresses.
    • Target consumers by demographics, psychographics, and propensity models.
  • Business Data
    • Reach businesses at their mailing addresses.
    • Target by business type, business size and other characteristics, location type, and recipient’s job title/function.
  • Targeted Data
    • Reach specific populations.
    • Target new homeowners, new movers, pre-movers, renters, and more.
  • Pre-Screen Credit Data
    • Extend loan offers to qualified borrowers.
    • Target auto, mortgage, home equity, and credit card opportunities.
    • Available for: new loans, refinancing offers, or credit card balance transfers

Make the most of your marketing budget by targeting prospects who actually need your products and services.

LKCS makes it easy for you to find potential prospects. Contact us today to run list counts and estimates for your next direct mail project.

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