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Web Tool Suite

Easily manage critical aspects of your website to improve effectiveness and ensure compliance.

The LKCS tool suite is a collection of website management tools that allow you to quickly and easily make some commonly needed website changes, while meeting the needs of financial compliance. The LKCS Tool Suite was created by our award-winning web design and development team to be simple and affordable.

All editing occurs from within a secure, user-friendly web-based application. LKCS updates these tools and adds new tools regularly.

LKCS’ Web Tool Suite Includes:

Tool Suite Tools

Banner and Ads Manager
Announcements Manager
Rates Manager
Marketplace Manager
Forms Manager
Polls Manager
External Links Manager
Events Manager
Career Listings Manager
User Manager

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Benefits of LKCS’ Tool Suite:

Tool Suite Benefits

Simple to use
Customize access and permissions
Completely web-based
Save on design and marketing costs
Our tool suite environment is secure
Integrates with your existing website

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Recent Projects

Here's What Our Clients Have to Say:

  • Houston Metropolitan Federal Credit Union

    Joel Cardona | Marketing Manager

    "We recently implemented the Tool Suite and it has saved us a lot of time. We can process contact forms much more quickly and direct them to the specific person who needs them. The ability to add quick, visible, but unobtrusive announcements has been great too! They’re so easy to add and schedule. We love it!"
  • north central bank

    Kim McKee | Vice President/COO

    “We absolutely love LKCS’ tool suite! We’re not web designers, we’re bankers. We needed a solution to help us easily manage our rates, banner ads, and other key areas of our website. The tool suite is easy to use and understand, and we appreciate just how much control it has given us over our website.”
  • commonwealth cu

    Kevin Hill | Marketing Coordinator

    "The best thing about LKCS’ tools is how fast I can make updates to our site. It’s instant. I can upload a new banner, click refresh, and boom it’s live for the world to see. There is no waiting involved. And, we can do this and more without formal training on website design or programming. It is very user-friendly and makes keeping our website fresh and up-to-date very easy.”