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DataFlex Reporting & Tracking

DataFlex is a web-based marketing reporting and tracking solution. The system enables you to easily analyze the account relationships, account balances, and demographic traits of your account-holders. DataFlex dashboards and reports are far from your typical data tables and graphs. DataFlex enables you to drill into your data to find exactly the information you need.

From the start, you will have access to well over 50 dashboards and reports. Customize any of these pre-built reports to suit your needs. Save your own versions and views of any documents for later use.


  • Highly graphical
  • Provide immediate analysis
  • Perfect for snapshots and historical trends
  • Combination of tables, graphics, gauges, dials and other graphical indicators
  • Self-service – determine how you want to see your data
  • Automatically updated with new data each month

Loan Portfolio

This dashboard gives a summary of loans at your financial institution. Total loan balances are provided for the entire institution and are further broken down by category and individual loan products. In addition, a summary of new loans opened each day is provided.

Checking Account Relationships

This dashboard shows account relationships held by people with existing checking accounts. This type of reporting is useful for cross-sell analysis. Campaigns can be easily designed and measured to improve cross-selling of deposit and loan products to existing checking account holders.

Average Balances

This dashboard provides a glimpse of the average balances in each of your deposit and loan accounts. See where borrowers are borrowing and where savers are saving.


  • Fully interactive data tables
  • Rearrange and reformat the data (drag and drop formatting toolbar) – sort rows, roll up categories, add/remove columns of data
  • Get the data you want – select account types, demographics, branch locations, and more
  • Filter your data to narrow down your results
  • Drill all the way to individual account level
  • Incorporate graphs and charts into any report
  • Save any report layouts you wish to keep
  • Automatically updated with new data each month

Report Demonstration

Report Demonstration

DataFlex Reports

Enterprise-class reporting allows you to drill into your data to get to the information you need. Access all account relationships, balances, and demographics to analyze how your account holders are utilizing your financial products. Effortlessly navigate through your data with DataFlex reports. See how easy and powerful DataFlex can be.