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Intelligent Inserting

Benefit from nearly unlimited flexibility with unparalleled accuracy.

LKCS has custom-engineered our intelligent inserters to supercharge our capabilities and the service you can expect. Equipped with both barcode and camera-based verification systems, we also employ the most qualified and experienced inserter operators available.

100% accuracy is our goal and we continuously evaluate and tweak quality control procedures in all aspects of our operations to inch closer and closer to achieving it. Our inserter error rates are truly remarkable – while we can’t claim to be error-free, we know that millions and millions of envelopes leave our facility properly inserted and sealed every year.

Selective inserting capabilities allow you to deliver different combinations of inserts to different groups of account holders. LKCS enables data-driven target marketing on your statement with onserts, and within your statement envelope with selective inserts.

Reduce your printing and postage costs by only including inserts for recipients that meet your pre-defined conditions.

Use pre-defined conditions to target prospects for:

  • Disclosures
  • Age-Based Newsletters
  • Club Accounts
  • Investments and Insurance
  • Account Renewals and Recapture Offers
  • Marketing Promotions and Cross-Sell

Whether you utilize it in your statement mailings, or a special project, selective intelligent inserting is easy, cost effective, and a great way to promote your financial institution’s next marketing program.

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