DataFlex Matrix Mailing

LKCS understands the importance of promoting your products and services to new account holders. These people are much more likely to open additional accounts and establish multiple relationships with you within the first few months. At the same time, 30% of them may leave your financial institution within the first year.

The Solution: A well coordinated Matrix Mailing “onboarding” campaign

  • Series of automated mailings sent out over a period of months to cross-sell additional products and services to new prospects/account holders
  • You define the matrix:
    • How many total letters?
    • Which products / services will you promote?
    • In what order?
    • What will the letters say?
  • All based on the same data warehouse as DataFlex Reporting
  • Also perfect for mergers and branch acquisition
  • Develop multiple matrices to cross-sell to different groups

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