Pre-Screen Credit Prospecting Services - LKCS

Pre-Screen Credit Prospecting

Extend pre-approved offers of credit to account holders and prospects based on actual credit score information!

  • Set criteria to identify recipients that will qualify for a loan offer based on your specific pre-screen requirements.
  • Send direct mail loan offers to qualified account holders and prospects.
  • And, of course, you can utilize the DataFlex reporting engine to measure the results of these campaigns!

FREE List Counts and Estimates – LKCS will run counts at no charge to determine feasibility and cost of your next pre-screen marketing campaign.

DataFlex Credit Alerting & ProspectingDataFlex Credit Alerting & Prospecting Recorded Webinar

Learn more about how you can attract new loan business with DataFlex Credit Alerting and Reporting by watching this recorded webinar (approx. 30 minutes).

Contact your LKCS account representative today for more information about credit bureau alerting and prospecting!