Tax Form Processing Services - LKCS

Tax Forms

It won’t be long before your Data Processing Department will be gearing up for another tax season. Why not send us your tax data and let us take care of the laser printing and mailing? We can process your 1099INT, 1099R, 1098 and 5498 forms.

LKCS has been providing statement processing and mailing services to financial institutions for over 40 years. Put our experience to work for you!

Check out these benefits:

  • No programming charges. Our staff has already completed the programming for data submitted in IRS format.
  • Attractive pricing – We currently work with customers in 48 states. Our in-house printing and mailing equipment, experience and volume allows us to produce your forms for less money than your Data Processing Department can.
  • We add postal barcodes to your forms to speed delivery and reduce your postage costs.

Call today and get a price quote! Your package price will include the laser printed tax forms, envelopes, mail processing, postage and a CD-Rom copy for your archives.