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Direct Mail

Consumers are hit with hundreds of messages on any given day!

Only a unique and personalized message can break through that barrier, grab your prospects’ attention, and compel them to act. LKCS’ direct mail services enable you to communicate with them on an individualized, customized, personalized one-to-one basis.

In fact, highly-relevant personalized mail campaigns generate significantly higher response rates than standard mail pieces. Nevertheless, according to a recent study on direct mail, only 31% of direct mail contains personalized content that consumers find useful.

LKCS offers high quality printing and the best postage rates possible - giving you a one-stop solution for your direct mail promotions.

  • Our design staff can help you build a direct mail campaign personalized for your customers and your offer.
  • Our marketing professionals can help you obtain an accurate mailing list targeting the right individuals. Target by age, gender, income, geographic radius, home value, and more.
  • Cross-sell to current customers by analyzing the existing relationships, balances, and demographics. Find out more about LKCS’ DataFlex database marketing solution.
  • LKCS will print and mail your promotion directly to your prospects.
  • You will get the lowest postal rates available for your mailing.

LKCS operates our own in-house printing and mailing equipment. Our mailing professionals understand what it takes to maximize your return with direct mail campaigns. These are just a few of our direct mail capabilities: