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U.S. #1364 Federal Credit Union

Website Redesign

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U.S. #1364 Federal Credit Union wanted a website that conveyed a streamlined look that was also easy to navigate for their members. Since 1936, this credit union has grown to serve 11,000 members throughout northwest Indiana. Since they have grown so much, they wanted to connect with their members in a more personal way. That being the case, we transformed it into a full responsive site design, with a focus on community news. We created several ways for the credit union to connect to their members by adding a social feed, member stories section, and the ability to sign up for news updates. We also included a simply organized navigation and animated quicklinks on the homepage to allow members to find what they need quickly. It was a pleasure to work with U.S. #1364 Federal Credit Union on this website design, and we look forward to working with them on future projects.

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