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United Savings Credit Union

Website Redesign

The plan for United Savings Credit Union was to craft a completely custom and interactive website. This was a sharp turn from their previous website, which utilized a square-based standard design. We incorporated the credit union's branding elements and introduced new visuals inspired by their logo. With the aim of captivating users, certain elements of the site have been animated through programming to create a truly engaging and interactive experience. Importantly, all animations adhere to ADA guidelines, ensuring inclusivity for all.

To simplify user experience, we implemented accordion tabs to hide long sections of content under eye-catching headlines. Users can expand these tabs to access additional information if desired.

While digital applications may not yet be available for all account types, we prioritized including clear call-to-actions urging users to directly contact the credit union. By doing so, we eliminate any confusion users may encounter and provide the credit union a way to track the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns.

We appreciated the opportunity to design a custom website that reflects USCU's image and delivers a better user experience for their membership.

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