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Minnco Credit Union

Website Redesign

Minnco Credit Union was looking for a fresh, updated website to connect to their members. They also wanted a website that introduced new members to the credit union and gave them an avenue to apply for membership. Lastly, they needed a seamless way for visitors of their website to apply for a loan.

For new members, we created a splash page that appears for first time visitors. This splash page explains a little bit about Minnco Credit Union, and what they stand for. Below this information, we provide the option to talk with the credit union or continue to the website for more information. For consistency, the website uses a color palette that closely follows their branding, while also using orange accent colors to draw attention. A unique bottom navigation was used for specific important call outs. A chat box feature was also utilized as another way to easily connect with their members. As for loans, we used three larger call out boxes on the homepage that link directly to the loans that they offer. We thoroughly enjoyed working on this project, and look forward to working with Minnco Credit Union on future projects.

Minnco Credit Union's website has gone on to win recognition from:


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