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Millstream Area Credit Union

Website Redesign

Millstream Area Credit Union asked us to redesign their website to follow their current branding as well as create a modern, eye-catching look.

There are several ways we accomplished this. First, we used the star icon from their logo throughout the site.  This included a custom star bullet for the copy.  We also kept a similar color palette to their logo’s branding, utilizing shades of red and blue.  Lastly, we incorporated a wave hover effect for the buttons and curved shapes throughout the site to further emphasize the brand.

On the inside pages, we presented the content in a way that would be easily navigated by users. One way we did this, was by organizing content within accordions.  That way a user could easily scan a page, and open up the accordion to view more information.

We are happy with the result, and it was a pleasure working with Millstream Area Credit Union on this project!

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