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Landmark Credit Union

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Landmark Credit Union was looking for a fresh, new look with their website redesign. They wanted strong focus on their logo and brand. We used their L-shaped logo as a basis for the wedge used throughout the design. The wedge is incorporated in their imagery, ads, and call-to-action buttons as well as in the light-gray textured backgrounds. It is also used to create angles to draw viewers further down the page as well as visually breaking up the grid structure of the site. On the homepage, we created a "How can we help" section below the main navigation which includes links to information commonly sought by new and returning visitors to the site. Further down, we highlighted Landmark’s "Your Community, Your Credit Union" tagline, followed by key services they wanted to showcase. Landmark is quite active on social media. We included a Facebook feed showing their latest posts as well as links to their Twitter and Instagram accounts.

Landmark Credit Union's website has gone on to win recognition from:

hermes award

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