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Fort Lee Federal Credit Union

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Fort Lee Credit Union was looking for a clean, fresh redesign of their website. They wanted a light, open look to help members focus on the products and services offered. They also wanted to make navigating the site easier for members. We worked closely with Fort Lee’s marketing team and began by building upon Fort Lee’s existing branding and incorporating their flowing swooshes as a main design element throughout the site. The homepage features a tabbed section allowing members to view key services, products and news important to them without distraction from other information. The inside pages feature a prominent related pages section allowing members to quickly navigate between content that may also interest them. We developed expandable accordion sections to hide additional content that may interest users but otherwise may overwhelm them at a quick glance. Calculators, FAQs, tips and other information are hidden within but readily available by expanding the accordion. Together, these elements combine to create an open, flowing site that’s inviting and easier to use for their members.

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