Web Tool Suite - LKCS

Web Tool Suite

The LKCS tool suite is a grouping of website management tools that allows you to quickly and easily make many of your day-to-day website changes, while meeting the needs for financial compliance. Created by our award winning web design and development team, it has been designed to be affordable.

With our suite of site-management tools, you can expect to manage banner ads, post important customer service notifications, edit savings and loan rates, showcase auto and home repossessions, manage online forms and applications, and much more. All editing occurs from within a secure, structured, and easy-to-use web-based setting. Our platform features intuitive point-and-click and drag-and-drop features, thus making it ideal for non-website designers and programmers.

Benefits of LKCS’ Tool Suite:

  • Manage many aspects of your website. Now you can quickly and easily make updates to your site, including updating home page banner ads, adjusting rates, managing online forms and applications, and much more.
  • Manage website settings. Adjust outbound link popups (speedbumps), home page banner ad speeds and transitions, emergency announcements, and more.
  • Simple to use. Our tools are intuitive and extremely easy-to-use.
  • Saves on design and marketing costs. Keep website changes in-house, and save on outside design and marketing costs.
  • Customizable access and permissions. Individual user access and permissions can be set for each tool.
  • Financial compliance ready. All website changes made through the use of our tools are recorded. This data is stored securely for future reference, and can be easily shared during compliance reviews and audits.
  • Completely web-based. Users can access the tool suite at the office, at home, or on the road from any computer, laptop, or mobile device using an Internet Browser.
  • Our tool suite environment is secured. Our tool suite features 256-bit encryption, and data is securely transferred to and stored within our SOC2 compliant data center.
  • Integrates with your existing website. Our tool suite is modular and can be implemented into an existing website without a major redesign.

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