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Social Media Management

Social media marketing provides some tremendous advantages. But, it also brings a number of significant challenges. LKCS’ Social Media Management platform adds efficiency and mitigates some of the challenges and risks involved (whether or not you’ve established your own social media pages).

Social Media Management Benefits:

  • Brand reputation

    • Establish unlimited brand and keyword monitoring groups
    • Receive optional daily or weekly email summaries of each group
    • View unified inbox online showing all social media, blog, and review site mentions in one location. Includes automated sentiment scoring and influence (Klout score)
    • Respond to social media mentions (for sites where you have established accounts)
    • Dozens of social media, blog/microblog, news, review, photo and video sites supported in addition to Google alerts and RSS feeds
    • Can also be used to monitor employee and competitor social media activity and mentions
  • Customer Service

    • Receive inbox and/or e-mail notifications for all posts on your social media sites
    • Respond to posts and comments
    • Assign system users to respond and contact customers and prospects or research issues and opportunities discovered through social media channels
    • Automate responses to certain activities (Twitter primarily)
  • Content Publishing

    • Publish and schedule content to be posted to all established social media profiles (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, blogs, and other sites supported)
    • Publish and schedule photos and videos to numerous sites including Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, and many more; even schedule when to publish Facebook cover photos
    • Workflow permissions available to require content approval from authorized user
  • Reporting

    • Receive customized reports of social media posts, mentions and monitoring, etc
    • Reports delivered automatically on daily, weekly, or monthly basis
    • Download all posts, profiles, user data, etc. for further analysis and archiving

These are just a summary of the features include in this tool. As you can see, LKCS’ social media management solution will enable you to harness the power of social media while mitigating potential risk and increasing the efficiency of your team.

Costs are reasonable as well. Pricing is based on the number of users (unique logins). You can gain access to the entire system with as little as one user account which can be shared with your social media team. Additional logins provide the ability to assign activities and require approval before posts are published.

Contact LKCS to schedule a demonstration or request a free 30-day trial of our social media management platform.