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Online Advertising

Advertising on the internet can be an important part of your marketing strategy, helping to drive traffic to your website. Unlike some traditional advertising, online advertising delivers visitors immediately through a simple click and provides measurable results.

Online advertising is also an effective way to increase your company’s overall online exposure and brand awareness. Additionally, this marketing strategy serves as yet another way to reach your target audience - customers, potential customers, and other individuals within your local communities.

Through a combination of bidding and targeting strategies, LKCS will leverage the value that search engines and social media provide, and drive relevant traffic to your website.

We look forward to discussing the following online advertising opportunities:

Google AdWords:

With Google AdWords, your company will have the opportunity to appear within Google’s search engine results for those keywords specific to your brand, products, and services. In addition, Google offers a partner network featuring sites such as AOL and in which ads can appear as well.

Bing Ads:

With Bing Ads, your company will have the opportunity to have its ads appear within Bing’s search engine results, as well as those of its partners – sites like Yahoo! and Facebook for example.

Social media advertising is also an effective way to increase your brand’s overall awareness and exposure on the web. As you well know, more people are spending time on social media websites than ever before. So there is not only an opportunity to create advertisements for search engine sites, but also popular social media sites as well.

Facebook Ads:

Facebook offers several unique targeting opportunities. With Facebook Ads, your company will have an opportunity to reach your customers and potential customers as those individuals interact on Facebook.

Twitter Ads:

Twitter also offers unique targeting opportunities that will allow your company to reach and engage your exact target audience. Specifically, you will be able to target by location, email address, and if a Twitter user has visited your website, among other things.

Online advertising bolsters your visibility online and is the next step to business growth. Think of it as another opportunity to build brand awareness, create product awareness, and build an online community or fan-base. LKCS can structure your campaigns, write and design your online ads, and measure the results to ensure continued success and receive tremendous benefits from your online advertising budget.

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