LeadSweep Website Visitor Identification - LKCS

LeadSweep Visitor Identification

98% of website visitors don’t inquire about your services. You don’t know who they are. 

But, we know what businesses they come from! Get ahead of your competition by reaching out to companies that are actively surfing your web site.

With LeadSweep, LKCS provides you with:

  • Business Name
  • Phone Number
  • Location
  • Web address
  • Industry

Help your sales team to target their pitch directly at the prospect with detail about the visitor journey including:

  • Number of repeat visits
  • Pages visited and duration
  • Which campaigns are driving traffic
  • What search terms they used
  • Contact names and titles

Pitch Smarter. Convert Faster

LeadSweep comes with all the tools you need to convert your website visitors to hot prospects.

Maximize your sales pipeline and receive email reports of companies visiting your website that match your own criteria. Have notifications delivered to alert assigned team members of any hot new prospects the moment they have visited your website. Even prioritize your hottest leads with customized scoring.

Real Data. Real Insight

Access a wide range of data to understand which campaigns and content are having the most impact. Utilize smart campaign monitoring tools to track your activity, and measure the wider ripple effect of your marketing initiatives. Make sense of your metrics and generate reports that have meaning to management.

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