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Statement Processing Services

LKCS combines the latest statement technologies with unsurpassed customer service to provide the ultimate statement printing and mailing solution.

With five decades of statement experience, LKCS truly offers the complete statement package with our DataFlex Document Solutions® – from statement reformatting and statement marketing to electronic statements and more.

We are devoted to providing superior service in all aspects of our business. You will receive personal attention from start to finish each statement mailing period. LKCS has built our statement services around flexibility – you will never be held to rigid schedules or forced into long-term contracts. Instead, you will be treated as a valued customer by LKCS’ dedicated, professional staff.

LKCS invites you to take advantage of our full suite of statement printing and mailing services.

Statement Reformatting - Make a statement with your statements!

Easy for customers to read and understand

LKCS has the ability to reformat your statement data into just about any format or layout that you desire. We can make your statement more legible and easy for your recipients to read and understand. We can do this without exorbitant programming fees or charges. We accept statement data from any DP system or software package that you may be using - even if your vendor tells you they can’t redesign your statement!

Advanced Security – Protect your data!

Multiple Layers of Protection

LKCS is SOC2 certified and has numerous systems in place to protect the privacy and integrity of your data. From employee background checks and routine security training to custom designed inserter verification systems and routine network vulnerability assessments, LKCS puts security at the forefront of our operations.


Electronic delivery and cost savings

Present your statements over the internet in a secure, user-friendly fashion. We make it easy – your e-statement is identical in design to your traditional printed statement and your users have the ability to view and print the statement from the convenience of any computer with internet access. Administration is a snap as well. Click here for more information or call us for an online demonstration!

Statement Marketing - Branding and Promotional Pieces

We realize you have worked to establish a corporate identity, so go ahead and use it! We laser print your statements onto custom designed preprints with your institution’s logo and ink color.

  • Envelopes – Branded with logo, name and color. We even backprint your envelopes with marketing ads!
  • Statement Ads – Print ads including graphics and photos within your statements!

Click here for more information on Statement Marketing.

Inserting Technology - Accuracy and sophistication!

We can design and print your inserts and utilize our intelligent inserting services to get the right piece with each statement. We can insert up to six pieces with each statement and utilize bar codes to ensure accuracy and to selectively insert materials to target specific groups.

Customer Service - All the little extras!

We let you decide

Other statement processors set strict deadlines when your inserts must be in and if they aren’t – your statements are mailed without them or are scheduled as the last statements mailed. With LKCS, we let you decide if we should wait for the inserts or mail the statements without them.

Controlling postage costs - Barcode at no extra cost

If your single page statements are over an ounce, we let you decide if you want us to remove an insert and hold it until the following month. All of your qualifying pieces mail at barcoded postage rates.

At audit time, we work directly with your auditors or supervisory committee, bypassing your staff, to ensure the validity of the audit. After the audit mailing, we provide a letter verifying the number of statements mailed, dates, etc.

Archival options

With the CD-Rom option, you can use any PC connected to a printer to view and print statements. You can search for statements by account number or name. 

When you need a rush insert - We’re prepared!

There may be times you may need an emergency insert to include with your statements. LKCS can design and print the insert on-site so your statements are mailed without delay. Don’t forget we can do non-emergency inserts and newsletters as well!

LKCS does all of this and MORE . . .

And we do it without requiring any long-term contracts. We have always believed that excellent service is all that we need to retain our customers. We must be doing something right because we now have clients in 48 states - some of these institutions have been customers of ours since 1961! We invite you to try our DataFlex Document Solutions statement services. Make the process easy and efficient -- pick up the phone today and call 815-223-0391 or schedule an appointment.