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Mailing Lists & Data Solutions

A creative campaign with an intriguing offer sent to the wrong people will not have many returns. LKCS helps you reach the right people by using the right data.

Who do you want to reach?

  • Consumer Data: We help you reach consumers at their home address. A Consumer list is used if targeting consumers by demographic and psychographic elements like age, ethnicity, and buying activity. Consumer lists are updated every 30-60 days.
  • Resident Occupant Data: Do you want to reach every residential and/or business address within a given geographical area? This type of data is ideal for many general marketing offers, that don’t need to be personalized or targeted.
  • Business Data: Reach businesses at their mailing address. Targeting options also include firmagraphic, franchise, and title/job function selections. Business files are updated on a monthly basis.
  • Targeted Data: Reach the freshest and even more targeted consumers at their home address. These target lists focus primarily on property owners. Use these lists to target consumers that own a home, recently purchased a home, recently moved, or are preparing to move.

Pre-Screen Credit Data: Leverage credit bureau data to extend loan offers to qualified borrowers. Target specific auto, mortgage, home equity, and credit card opportunities for new loans, refinancing offers, and balance transfers. Want more help targeting the right person? With our analytics help, we can help you statistically profile your best customers. We can also apply techniques to determine your prospects’ probability to respond or make purchases.

Finally, we optimize deliverability of your file through processing options that include NCOA, deceased suppression and more. We can also suppress your customers to ensure your list will not include customers you already have. And, we can append valuable intelligence to your file through a variety of demographic appends for consumers and businesses.

LKCS makes it easy for you to find your new customers. We Do That.