Handwork & Fulfillment Mail Services - LKCS

Handwork & Fulfillment

Whether you have a one time special fulfillment need or you have a monthly goal to meet, LKCS can help you get it done right the first time! Our team will work hard to get your project out on time and on budget!

Glue items to highlight product ads or for special offers.

  • Standard or tabloid magazines
  • Glue can be applied to cover or inside pages

We also fix problems! We can remove pages, apply labels to cover printing errors and repackage items that were packaged wrong.

  • Unique and custom operations
  • Quick turnaround

Call or e-mail Steve Piano for a quote at 815-220-3909 or stevep@lk-cs.com

  • Bellybanding
  • Blow in cards
  • Special Packaging/Boxing
  • Hand inserting
  • Shrink Wrapping
  • Shipping
  • Partial & Full Cover Tipping
  • Die-cut Tipping
  • French Gate Gluing
  • CD or Promotional Gluing
  • False Lapping
  • Other

LKCS provides high-quality services to facilitate false lapping, gatefold and CD gluing, partial tipping, die-cut tipping, and regular tipping.

LKCS has a trained staff ready and able to meet all your fulfillment or handwork needs!

Give us a call today for more information.