Go for the Gold!
Sep 14, 2016 1:00 PM CST
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Drudging through mountains of data to find which account holders to market to at the right time is tedious, time consuming, and can be very difficult for many people. LKCS offers credit based marketing solutions so that you can dig deep into account holder and prospect credit reports without working overtime.

We offer credit prospecting, a proactive approach that sends out pre-approval offers to prospects, and credit alerting, a reactive approach that sends out offers to those seeking a loan elsewhere. When you use these credit based marketing services, you are marketing smarter by delivering your messages to the right people at the right time with no time consuming drudgery on your part.

Combine these strategies with DataFlex, a database marketing tool suite that tracks and records your campaign efforts, and you have a well-oiled machine that saves you time and makes you money.

Use it to:

  • Measure campaign success
  • Identify cross-sell opportunities
  • Create better campaigns based on tracking data

It comes down to you marketing to the right people at the right time without any extra effort on your part. It’s quick, easy, and effective.

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