Preventing Website ADA Lawsuits
Feb 14, 2018 1:00 PM CST
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An ounce of prevention can go a long way! The same can be said about your website. The threat of legislation surrounding ADA website guidelines has caught many financial institutions by surprise.

Your Digital Branch may be the only branch that some of your customers regularly visit. Your Digital Branch must interact properly with the different assistive technologies used by the disabled. Your failure to show concern for this can result in a lawsuit. As the number of lawsuits has increased, the asset sizes of the institutions being targeted have decreased.

Failure to have documented proof that you are addressing your website ADA issues is allowing lawsuits to proceed. Having reports that document you are reviewing your website to address and meet the guidelines is your best protection. Regular, systematic reporting from a reputable and independent third-party reviewer is the best approach to prevent an epic battle. POW!

Not sure where your website stands in relation to the guidelines? Test individual pages of your website at wave.webaim.org. Click the Details (flag) and Information (i) icons on the very far left edge of the page to understand any of the items reported.

At LKCS, we offer different web accessibility solutions based on your specific institution’s needs, internal (or external) web development expertise, and timeline. We let you choose how often your website gets reviewed and documented.

Visit us online at www.lk-cs.com/ada or attend our upcoming webinar to learn more about meeting ADA Guidelines.

Statement Processing Protection
Mar 14, 2018 1:00 PM CST
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You and they go around and round. Whenever there’s a statement processing issue, the finger pointing starts. While they’re worrying about who to blame, your customers are wondering when their statements will arrive.

Power up with LKCS to get the best possible customer service! We understand that creating statement files isn’t your only job. If an issue arises, our heroic staff of programmers will compare and analyze your data file to help determine what the problems and solutions are.

Every month, we check our customer’s data files for these common issues:

  • Proper date range on statements
  • Proper transaction activity
  • Verify statement quantities from month to month and quarter to quarter
  • Check and notify you if you have embarrassing spelling errors or old or out of date messages
  • And dozens of other quality control tests

Is your current statement provider watching out for you?

If you’re unhappy with your current statement provider, switch to LKCS! Our courageous and experienced programmers and testers will make the conversion process easy. Better yet, you will receive a statement that’s designed specifically for you. ZAP!

Visit us online at www.lk-cs.com/statements. Or attend our upcoming webinar to learn more about our statement processing services.

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