E-Statements Stuck in the Ice Age?
Mar 8, 2017 1:00 PM CST
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E-Statements are expected by your account holders. They appreciate the convenience of having access to their statements from anywhere with access to the internet.

For your institution, e-statements can provide a tremendous monthly and quarterly cost savings. But, e-statement benefits are not only limited to saving money. Thaw out with these benefits from LKCS:

Enhanced E-Marketing Capabilities

  • Link banner ads to your website, inserts, online forms and calculators
  • Customize e-mail notifications and even send text messages
  • Present targeted full color ads on statements

Document Retrieval

  • All account holder statements are available online including those for non e-statement users
  • Notices, tax forms, and other documents can also be available
  • Documents hosted for as long as you need - 12 months, 24 months, or even longer

Simplified User Management

  • Allow users access to multiple accounts from one login
  • Sign up account holders when creating their accounts
  • View reports that you can understand and use

Make a statement with your e-statements and statements! By leveraging the marketing capabilities within your statements, you can:

  • Effectively cross-sell new products and services
  • On-board new customers beginning with their first statement
  • Turn unprofitable accounts into profitable relationships

E-Statements = Exceptional Statements! Learn more at our upcoming webinar!

Couldn't make the webinar? View it on You Tube!