LKCS - About our Security


The integrity of your statement data is extremely important to LKCS. LKCS has numerous systems in place to protect the privacy of your account holder’s confidential information. A few of our extensive security measures are outlined below.

  • LKCS is SOC2 compliant. We undergo annual SOC2 audits. A copy of our latest SOC2 report is available upon request.
  • Our building, itself, has been designed with security in mind – all entrances are secure, protected by both biometric and PIN-based entry systems.
  • All computer systems are behind NCSA-certified firewalls and filtering routers. Our IT department is automatically notified of potential intrusion attempts and other attacks.
  • All server operating systems and software applications are automatically patched and updated as soon as any potential vulnerabilities are announced.
  • LKCS contracts with an information security firm to routinely perform network intrusion tests, verifying data security. These tests show that no external vulnerabilities exist in our computer network.
  • E-statement data is transmitted utilizing true 128-bit SSL security.
  • All employees undergo complete background checks as part of our interview and hiring process.
  • Numerous procedures and policies are in place at LKCS relating to data integrity and storage. Employees are trained and tested on all data security and computer-related policies.
  • Our statement printing and inserting equipment has been custom-designed and configured to ensure unrivaled accuracy. Each statement page contains a unique barcode identifying the account set that it belongs to, as well as each page’s position in its set. Our inserters read these barcodes ensuring that all pages inserted into an envelope belong to the same set (account statement) and that each set inserted into an envelope contains the correct number of pages and additional inserts.
  • Statement page and envelope counts are verified several times throughout our statement process – we account for each statement.
  • All archive CDs are encrypted with military-grade software requiring strong password authentication before the CD can be read or any files accessed.
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