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PNB of Kewanee

Website Redesign

Peoples National Bank of Kewanee was looking for a complete departure from the function and style of their current site. To develop a theme, we used their logo and style of their Frank Lloyd Wright designed Dwight, IL branch location as inspiration. As a result, this theme emphasizes rectangles and thin lines. We partitioned sections of the site into grids and stacked them together to create the foundation of each page. Splashes of red and teal were used to call attention to key features and offers.

On the interior pages, minimalistic accordions provide users with additional information without overwhelming them as soon as they land on the page. In contrast to the layout of the current, we placed the main navigation in a collapsible sidebar along the left side of the site. Users can access the main navigation at any time no matter how far they’ve scrolled down a page. Important information such as contact info, FAQs, search and online banking remain in familiar locations along the top of the site. We enjoyed working with PNB Kewanee. It was a great experience helping them create a site that reflects on their past as well as being more user-friendly going forward.

Peoples National Bank of Kewanee's website has gone on to win recognition from:


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