Statements: Your Marketing Budget Reliever

It has been well established that retaining existing customers costs less and is far more profitable than acquiring new customers. Your monthly account statements are a great way to market to your existing customers. Transpromo marketing is how you can target market your products and services to these existing customers.

Using transpromo elements, statements and e-statements become highly targeted and measurable direct mail campaigns. Turn statement costs into a marketing profit center that increases your revenue and reduces your marketing costs at the same time.

All of our customers, small and large, appreciate the coaching that LKCS provides. We guarantee to listen to your questions, concerns, and ideas. We will ensure that your messages fit your marketing and campaign requirements.

Receive these additional benefits with LKCS’ statement solution:

  • Unparalleled Accuracy: From proofreading your statement messages, and verifying transaction dates, to tracking the insertion of every statement page.
  • Statement Design: Make your statements easier to read and understand.
  • E-Statements: LKCS’ e-statement solution is second to none.

Your statement processor should be one of your best teammates. Choose a time to
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