Major League Loan Results

Today, consumers are more willing to switch to save on their monthly bills. Whether it’s an Auto, HELOC, Mortgage, or Credit Card, they will be looking for better rates. Use Pre-Screen Prospecting to find these individuals.

Credit-Based Marketing leverages data from the three major credit bureaus to identify qualified new customers or existing customers that will be interested in what you have to offer. You can realize up to a 70% increase in qualified leads by employing data from all three bureaus. Find the right individuals and their specific needs so that you can send the right offer.

You have the ability to run multiple offers at the same time to promote any of your loan products right off the bat. You determine what requirements (FICO scores, equity, LTV, etc.) the prospects need to meet the lending goals of your institution. Use Pre-Screen Prospecting to send out pre-approval offers to prospective borrowers. This works great for refinance offers and new loan acquisitions.

Pre-Screen Prospecting is much less expensive than you would think. With LKCS’ help, it is also much easier to use. Hit a home run by attending our upcoming webinar. Contact us online or call 866.552.7866 to speak with a sales representative today.