Avoid the Black Flag: Meet ADA Web Guidelines!

Web site accessibility has become a serious concern for financial institutions nationwide. Unfortunately, this trend is for all the wrong reasons. By itself web accessibility is a good thing for everyone visiting your web site.

But now, banks and credit unions are under threat of potential litigation because their websites aren’t fully accessible by the disabled. The plaintiffs and law firms behind these threats have no relationship with the financial institutions they are targeting. They don’t have accounts with those banks and credit unions. They are likely not even in the same state. But they’ve found a way to make money by using the Americans with Disabilities Act against you.

Getting your site to meet the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines is possible. And it’s not as difficult as some people try to make you believe.

The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines are comprised of a myriad of small recommendations. Each one makes your site work better for different assistive technologies used by the disabled. But you’ll likely find tens of thousands, or hundreds of thousands, of items on your site that need to be reviewed individually to achieve your goal of meeting the WCAG level AA accessibility.

This can be a daunting task – especially since web accessibility isn’t even close to your primary job responsibility. But a firm like LKCS that has experience with the web accessibility guidelines can correct your site at a much lower cost than settling a potential lawsuit.

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