LKCS combines the latest statement technologies with unsurpassed customer service to provide you with the ultimate statement printing and mailing solution.

We offer the complete statement package with our full suite of statement printing and mailing services:

Statement Reformatting
With data processing systems designed to process data, the statements they produce usually aren’t attractive or easy to read. LKCS can reformat data from any system into any format or layout you desire.

Advanced Security
LKCS is SOC2 certified and has numerous systems in place to protect the privacy of your data. With procedures as simple as incorporating barcodes to insure accuracy when inserting pages into an envelope, to designing our building to secure all entrances with both biometric and PIN-based entry systems.

We are happy to provide a secure, dependable, user-friendly, and affordable e-statement solution for our customers. Our electronic statements can provide you with a potential savings of over 50 cents per recipient per month and access to your account holders' statements online at any time.

Onsert Marketing
Statement ads, also known as onserts, are designed to attract attention to your marketing campaigns with photos, artwork, or fonts. Ads can be printed on all account statements and can be targeted to a specific recipient.

Inserting Technology
Take advantage of your "free postage" by including inserts, such as newsletters, in with your monthly statement. Take this one step further by customizing which of your account holders receive specific statement stuffers based on account relationships, balances, demographic attributes and more.

Your customers appreciate the convenience of online access to their statements. Give them what they want and take the next step by attending our upcoming webinar.