Gain deeper insight on your customers and prospects to create more intelligent, customized marketing strategies. When your marketing is focused on the right individuals, you’re more likely to have better results and meet your growth and risk management goals.

Prescreening is explicitly provided for in legislation (Fair Credit Reporting Act, 15 U.S.C. § 1681). It is not a case where the law doesn’t say you can’t do it: if you are a chartered institution and you have permissible purpose, you are given the authority to prescreen. In return for looking at a consumer’s credit data without the permission of the individual, the lender commits to extending credit, except in certain rare circumstances.

Nothing frustrates people more than getting bombarded with letters, post cards, and emails with irrelevant offers for products they don’t need. Prescreening your customers and prospects allows you to know not only when they are interested in a product, but the product they are in the market for as well.

Prescreening is the most appropriate way to target new loan customers. It helps you validate if a customer is a good match, if they are in the market, and what they are in the market for. Your customers and prospects get better, more relevant offers and you increase the likelihood of getting their business.

LKCS can help from concept to completion. We can generate the data, design the mailer, print it, send it out, AND TRACK IT!