What happens when a prospect receives a direct mail offer, goes online to read more about the deal, gets distracted, and never goes back to your website? It used to be that they were gone forever, but not anymore.

Google and Facebook provide a solution called Remarketing for just this purpose. Remarketing works like this:

  • A business adds Remarketing Code for Google and/or Facebook to their website

  • A prospect comes to the site, but leaves before taking the action the business wants them to take

  • The Remarketing Code knows this, and saves a tiny text file to their device, called a cookie, to track them

  • Google and/or Facebook displays your specific follow-up ads to that prospect as they continue to visit other websites and apps within their ad networks, reminding the prospect to go back to your site and finish what they started

This is a huge benefit for direct mail marketers! Think about it this way: let’s say that for every person that calls you from your direct mail piece, 10 people go to your website, but decide not to call. Those web visitors used to mean absolutely nothing to you. NOW, those visitors are legitimate leads being courted online by follow-up ads, allowing you to once again capture their attention and redirect them to your website and your direct mail offer.

LKCS offers Google and Facebook Remarketing with our Campaign Suite product. Let us help you add Campaign Suite to your next mailing!