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Digital Signage

Manage and distribute your content to any screen easier than ever before.

Digital signage provides significant benefits for any business:

  • Educate visitors about your events, products, and services
  • Engage individuals where they can act and “buy” your products and services
  • Create opportunities to upsell
  • React in real-time with relevant promotions

Plug & Play Digital Signage:

Easy to update, manage across locations, and affordable by allowing you to turn any TV into a digital sign.

Manage Your Content from Anywhere:

From our web interface, easily create branded content, incorporate news, sports, and weather forecasts. Utilize LKCS’ Web Tool Suite to easily update loan and deposit rates.

LKCS can also create digital display content for you:

We have different digital content development packages to help you keep your displays updated with your latest product and service information, promotions, and events.

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