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How Your Marketing Can Benefit From Google, Amazon, and Facebook

Wednesday, February 12, 2020 • 1 pm CST

These companies have changed the world. They’ve changed your prospects’ expectations, behaviors, and perceptions. And you need to change accordingly.

Traffic means visitors. Visitors mean business.

If 88% of all traffic in your area drove on the same road, you’d purchase a billboard ad. This is the percentage of internet users that searched on google in 2019. Google advertising should be an important part of your marketing budget.

A key element to amazon’s success is online reviews. Google is #1 for online reviews. 63% of people now look to google for reviews! 88% of consumers trust online business reviews.

What can you do?

Put the odds in your favor and beat the competition! Invite account holders with positive experiences to leave reviews via email and/or text message.

Google search advertising options:

  • local listings
  • organic search engine optimization
  • paid search advertising
  • display ads
  • retargeting of website visitors

Facebook is an advertising platform but it is not free.

Good content takes time (and money) to develop. Use the 80/20 rule – 80% of your posts should inform, educate and entertain; 20% promote your brand. The key is to publish content that will generate likes and shares. Always including a photo and video is even better.

Facebook also offers retargeting. It’s just like google, only less expensive! Your ads will appear on facebook, instagram and facebook’s ad network – apps, apps, apps!

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