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Four Points Federal Credit Union

Statement Design

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Four Points Federal Credit Union's branding is vibrant with color. We carried this over into their statement design to make it more inviting and engaging. Full color banner ads are branded with their colors and featured at the top of each statement. Their logo is used throughout the statement to help separate account types. It is also featured as a watermark on each page. Four Points FCU also wanted to list summaries for each account type. We did this by creating a secondary section to help differentiate this data and give account holders a quick overview. Four Points FCU was happy with the overall design and solutions we created. Updating their statement data and ads each month is now much easier to accomplish.

Here's What Our Clients Have to Say:

  • lennox employees credit union

    Carl F. Mundth | President/CEO

    "Since the time we went with LKCS color statements, we have had much greater member involvement. This involvement has helped our members to understand their accounts and the credit union itself. I would highly recommend LKCS color statements. They will help your credit union grow and compete on a more professional level now and into the future. The folks at LKCS are always willing to lend a hand with anything they can to help our credit union be at its best."

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