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Earthmover Credit Union

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We’ve worked with Earthmover Credit Union for many years and wanted to present them with a clean, fresh redesign that was completely different from their previous site. We developed the theme of the site from the swoosh within their logo. Curved design elements divide pages into interesting shapes while others draw attention to important headlines. We opted for a stripped down, simple navigation focused on core services paired with a large banner to draw attention to various promotions throughout the year. Giving the homepage a longer scroll provided space to create bold sections highlighting key services Earthmover provides such as auto loans and retirement savings options. We were also able to feature rates prominently as well as credit union news and community involvement. We kept the design on the inside pages simple and streamlined to allow the content to stand out. Large, bold calls-to-action direct users to additional content or to open accounts. Offering financial education is important to Earthmover and we developed a section that points members to various educational videos in English and Spanish. The videos tie in with the topics of the pages and offer members more insight into how the financial products fit into their everyday lives.

Earthmover Credit Union's website has gone on to win recognition from:

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