How social are you?
Jan 14, 2015 1:00 PM CST
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There are now currently over 100 Social Media Channels and it’s growing! Does your institution need to be involved with all these? Of course not, there are specific audiences and specific purposes for many of them. But this does not mean you should ignore all of them.

What are the benefits of Social Media Marketing to your organization?

  • Increase brand awareness and exposure
  • Strengthen relationships and expand account services
  • Build a loyal community of active followers
  • Boost traffic to your website and improve seo
  • Enhance company trustworthiness and image
  • Monitor your brand’s online reputation
  • Increase account and sales opportunities

Before you jump in to the Social Media Arena, you need to be aware of Social Media Challenges and know how to react and combat them.

Breaking it down - the benefits of transpromo marketing
Feb 11, 2015 1:00 PM CST
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Transpromo marketing can be implemented across print and electronic platforms. It effectively takes advantage of specific cross-sell and up-sell opportunities and supports existing rewards/loyalty programs.

With transpromo elements, statements and e-statements become highly targeted, measurable, direct mail campaigns that increase revenue and lower costs at the same time.

Register for our upcoming webinar or contact LKCS to get more out of your statements and e-statements.

Where have all the good loans gone?
Mar 11, 2015 1:00 PM CST
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Consumers are much more educated than in the past and are more willing to switch to save on their monthly bills. Whether it’s an Auto, HELOC, Mortgage, or Credit Card, they will be looking.

Be ready to make the right offer at the right time!

Utilize all three Bureaus to monitor credit requests. You can realize up to a 70% increase in qualified leads by employing all three bureaus.

Because the monitoring and eligibility is Credit Based, you determine what requirements, (FICO scores, equity, LTV, loan balance, etc.) the prospects need to meet the lending goals of your credit union.

LKCS will assist you in winning the qualified loans you are looking for.

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